Why Viola Communications?

First and foremost, we have a strong passion for what we do. But we also believe that a solid communications strategy can help transform a company and its future. So, we want to help businesses achieve that goal.

We want to tell their story – develop it, implement it and sustain it.

Whether we’re working with a small company or a big corporation, we serve as their advocate for their company’s interest, their brand and their identity.

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Our Services

Public Relations

Public Relations

Develop and execute strategic communications processes to build long-lasting relationships between businesses and their internal and external audiences.

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Media Relations

Develop close relationships with news reporters from TV, print and online media to gain positive news coverage.

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Media Consulting

Train and coach CEOs, leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs to become more effective communicators.

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Digital Marketing

Develop long-lasting relationships with social media users, increase two-way communications and boost traffic across online platforms.

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Content Writing

Strategically tell stories through journalism-style writing for business blogs and newsrooms.

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Develop engaging videos appropriate for YouTube and other online multimedia platforms.

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